Friday, May 14, 2010

Forever and a Day...

Yeah, I know it's been that long! Sorry. Life has been a little crazy and blogging just hasn't been a priority. But fear not, I have been gardening, planning meals and cooking...mostly.

Our very best friends who live less than a block away are moving to Australia at the end of July. Since we learned of this, we have been spending as much with them as possible. This unfortunately means that we've been eating out a lot. Plus we've had quite a few birthdays within our little group (and a few outside), so that didn't help. Both our bank account and the scale reflect this as you might guess. And to top it off, Kira told us she was pregnant! And she's leaving me! Ugh. But, she'll be back with her family, which is good for her. With her first child, who is now 7, she was here in the US and knew very few people aside from her husband and his immediate family. This made it hard, so I am very happy for her. I know her mom is over the moon :) But I'm still sad...

Other goings on:

  • I had the birth control implant removed a little over a week ago. Hopefully this will help me in the weight loss area as well as just feeling better in general. I am going to start using the Fertility Awareness Method (FAM). After reading Taking Charge of Your Fertility I decided that it will be the way I go now. I want to get the chemicals out of me and try to find a natural rhythm. I've been on BC now for about 10 years. I first started using it to help with really painful cramping (I've passed out a few times from the pain), so I'm a little leery about that, but I'm hoping being a little more mature will help alleviate some of the issues I was having. We'll see! I am also not as opposed to getting pregnant now as when we were first married, or when my husband lost his job. So, if I don't get FAM down and we do get pregnant, I'll be okay with it.
  • Hubby's job seems to be holding well and he's liking it more and more :)
  • We got a puppy! 

This is Texas Bones. We adopted him from friends 
who had to give him up due to their daughter 
being highly allergic. We've known him since 
he was a puppy and love him very much :)
  • The garden is going well. I have almost all of my two beds full, and have added two more beds which will hopefully get some more sunshine than the others do. I hope to get some pictures up this weekend.
  • I got an apple tree! Our wonderful friends got me one for my birthday this year. Thanks guys!
  • The weather has finally broken for good (I think) and I'm getting back into running. 
  • I'm also going to try Atkins one more time and see if it will work long-term now that my hormones will be more level. I went on induction in October of last year and continued on it through Christmas and stopped losing at about 20lbs lost, 180lbs. The October previous to that, when I got the implant, I weighed in at 168...still not good. I haven't gone completely off the low-carb thing, I just haven't been as strict. I've enjoyed the occasional potato or bowl of ice cream since then. I've managed to gain a few pounds, so my starting weight this time is 183. I've also decided to that artificial sweeteners and I don't really get along. I know they aren't good for you, so I'm trying to cut them back. I'd much rather eat a little bit of honey than a bunch of Splenda. I also have some Stevia leaf, but you just can't put green leafy flecks in ice cream! So I'm going to try and cut out sweets more completely than I did last time. We'll see. I believe ultimately, I will end up bringing in a few natural sweeteners as well as whole wheat sourdough, beans and a few other higher-carb  yet nourishing foods. The good news is that I've learned to like a few more veggies :) Broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, turnips and rutabagas have all made their way into our diet permanently.
I know there's probably more, but I think that's it for now. Work is still REALLY busy, which means I don't have time to take a lunch somedays even, let alone blog. Then by the time I get home, the last thing I want to do is sit down in front of the computer again. I really enjoy being outside and I'm trying to do it more. I will also keep trying to update as often as I can.