Thursday, October 7, 2010

Adventures in Harvesting

This carrot was twisted all the way to the tip!
This past week I've been on vacation and so has my Hubby. We've gotten quite a few things done, especially outside. Not all that I had hoped, but still quite a bit. Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures of just about all of it! Most of it wasn't exciting anyway.

We ripped out a bed that had been neglected long before we took possession of the house. It was overrun with lily-of-the-valley and three large lilac bushes. As much as it pained me to do it, I cut down all three of the bushes and ripped up the lily mat that lay on top of the actual dirt over there. In it's place, we've planted an apple tree. I want to get two more dwarf varieties for over there, and find something that does well in semi shade until they get bigger.

I also dug my potatoes. I got quite a few and some much larger than I anticipated. I filled up my potato basket and kept a handful of green ones for seed potatoes for next year.

Last of the kohlrabi and some carrots.
Most of the green plant material got pulled up in the other beds. Spent squash vines and tomato plants and bean plants were pulled up. I even harvested about half of the carrots. And I'm glad I did. This variety got huge! A couple broke off in the ground and I couldn't pull them out. I'll leave those for the squirrels.


  1. I let out an audible, "NOOOOOO!" when you said you cut down the lilac bushes. I totally would have taken them! *sobs* Looks like you've had a great vacation! YUM on the carrots, too!

  2. Sorry, they were in desperate need of TLC though. They barely bloomed anymore. And were apparently infested with poison ivy. I don't know if we could've gotten them out alive anyway, they were stuck pretty well. I'll see if I can find you a new one :) How do you feel about forsythia? My mom gave me one and I just don't know where a good place for it would be. It's tiny now and I just put it in the ground to keep it alive.

  3. Nathan says u forgot to mention the part where his face neck and ears are swollen and covered in poison ivy from helping u lol