Thursday, June 18, 2009

Another long-lost update

The last week has been another busy one! I went on a bit of a spending spree :) I purchased a new computer, a new ipod, new running shoes and new shoes for work. Not the most frugal of times, but some things are necessary. And what's the use in being frugal if it doesn't mean you can buy things you really want every once in a while?

I just got the new computer Tuesday, so I've been busy setting it up. Hopefully it will mean more regular posts now!

Nothing much has gone on in the garden. I put up the strings and tomato supports for the trellis. The beans are beginning to flower and I need to harvest and freeze some spinach. Recently discovered that my Hubby REALLY doesn't like Spinach, so my thought of throwing it in everything haven't turned out well. I'll just freeze it and save it for myself I guess :( I also want to add it to some lunch time salads.

My goals for this weekend are to take stock of my pantry and freezer and get back into menu planning. I haven't been to the grocery for more than $20 of necessities in a few weeks, so taking stock will be helpful. I need to grill up some chicken for lunch next week. And of course I'd like to freeze the Spinach. I'd also love to go to a u-pick farm and get some berry for processing. I don't think that will happen though. We've got a graduation party on Saturday and a baptism on Sunday (on hour away), as well as it being Father's Day.

Lots going on to talk about, hopefully I can get it down on paper! (or keyboard I guess).

Thanks for not giving up on me during these weeks of lean posting!


  1. Spinach: Chop up & fold into spaghetti sauce. Delish! That's what I nearly puked up last night on our run! YAY! LOL

  2. Thanks! I still will only be able to use it for me. Joe just does not like it. He never eats second helpings, but then goes and gets the bag of chips. :)