Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Garden Update & New Toys

I got a new toy this past week! This is my new 20" iMac. It's wonderful! 
My ibook was so full it was barely running, not to mention that it's 4 years old. 
So, to be able to complete an upcoming project I have as well as prepare for Hubby to go 
back to school, we decided to do this. The freelance project will cover a good portion 
of the cost of this, as well as a couple other upcoming projects :) I do so enjoy it already!

And along with it, I got a new ipod touch for free. I love this little guy as well! Lots of great apps to make my life easier :)

And just for fun, my breakfast. Kashi 7 grain waffles (I got some GREAT coupons for these :) topped with my homemade strawberry syrup. Unfortunately, all of the critters in my yard have been eating all the strawberries, so these are not my own. But, I did use berries that were too ripe for eating to make the syrup, so I feel pretty good about it. It's yummy!

The gardens are coming along nicely. They're really enjoying the rain we had all weekend paired with the heat of this week.

My potato forest is growing. The big ones are starting to flower! 
Hopefully I can get some more soil around them this week, I'm sure they need it!

And as you can see my rouge pumpkins are all going CRAZY! 
They're bigger than just about anything else in the gardens!

I have baby beans!

Happy Tuesday!

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