Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Harvest Time!

This morning I got my first lettuce harvest from the square foot gardens. I brought some for lunch today at work. It was very yummy :)

I made a quick salad with leftover grilled chicken breast and T.Marzetti's Garlic Italian dressing. After I use up the store-bought dressing we have, I will not be buying any more (except for ceasar, I just can't see anchovies going into something and then eat it, I can't), I will be making it. Wish me luck!

My garden goals for this week are to turn the compost piles, set up a more permanent one for yard waste and get stakes in for the beans, tomatoes and peppers. I'd also like to get some sunflowers going along the back to assist with the vines and round out my herb garden a little bit. I'm going to look through my recipes and see what I use the most of. Thyme and sage are at the top of my list to add, but I'm sure there'll be more.


  1. Delish! I have some awesome salad dressing recipes that I'll pass on to you! *hugs*

  2. This looks yummmy! You are so amazing, girl! I want a garden, but I don't want to do the work, lol!

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts to my question. I appreciate it!

  3. There are few things as rewarding as growing your own fresh veggies!