Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Adventures in Getting By...part 2

I sat down this morning and while reading my blog roll, I thought I'd check in and see where we are on our budget this month. Our total grocery bill for this month comes to a total of...$171.79!! Yeah me! I couldn't believe it!

I think I may have spent another $10 from my pocket money on groceries...but still! Less than $200 and it's the 29th, not bad. And I don't feel like we've been depriving ourselves either too much. It's awesome.

And we've only spent $150 on gasoline. We've only gotten $80 our for pocket money (of which I still have some left!) and we have gone out to eat, but that has only been a total of $57 and included a pizza I bought for us before Hubby got fired.

We also went to TGI Fridays with some friends this past weekend to celebrate that Hubby found a job! (and I had a BOGO coupon). I don't know a lot about it, but I'm happy for him. He should be hearing from them soon where and when to do the drug screening and then he starts!

He also got his truck running well again. One of the new spark plugs was bad and was causing it to misfire. So, after finding out we don't qualify for cash-for-clunkers because you can't owe anything on your clunker...we have fixed the truck and will continue to use it. (That is unless anyone wants to by and F150 V6 with a third door and 120,000 miles for $4500? :)

It looks like we'll survive this afterall.

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