Sunday, July 4, 2010

Food I've Made Photo Purge

Hopefully there will be recipes to follow-up with these!

Dehydrating veggie stock

Dehydrating spinach puree, to add to the veggie stock

Dog treats

rutabaga fries

browning beef for chili...beef I ground myself

hazelnut spread and butternut soup

homemade taco seasoning with pulled pork in cast iron skillet

sourdough starter, I started it myself!!

sourdough biscuits, just as flaky as storebought but without all the crap!

sourdough buns

sourdough crackers...should've pricked with a fork first

sourdough waffles with homemade jam and real whipped cream


  1. I want to come eat at your house. And investigate your house because you inspire me. :)

  2. Thank you! Not everything is as great as what's in the pictures though, don't worry. :)