Friday, July 30, 2010

Garden Update: The Tomato Jungle

Last weekend, as I've mentioned, I wasn't very present at home. We were away most of the time, and the time spent at home, wasn't used for maintenance. And my garden shows it.

The tomato jungle, with some peppers thrown in for good measure.
This is AFTER I cleaned them up a bit. Hopefully some of them will ripen soon
The pond needs some TLC...badly.

The lily pads are taking over the world!
Kohlrabi is not a very good crop for square foot gardening.
And neither are turnips.
The peas are pretty much done. They're coming out this weekend.
We did get one last pea crop though!

Beans are growing nicely! I've only harvested once.
I've decided this variety is best as a dried bean.
Raspberries are popping up everywhere here.
I'm hoping I can transplant them all soon.
I. Hate. Crabgrass. These are strawberries, but you'd never know.
They will be transplanted soon also.

Stupid bugs. These are NOT onions, they are supposed to be rutabagas.
But the bugs have completely stripped the stems. They're coming out.
The cauliflower look a little better, but I'm not optimistic. I think I've found all the
bugs though,so it shouldn't get worse if I can keep up with them.
I've decided one of these, or maybe two, need to come out.
It would be a great place for my apple tree!

A volunteer butternut squash. It's making mowing a bit difficult.
There's also a tomato of some kind back there.
baby butternut


  1. Nice pictures.. I am following you now from friday followers. I hope you could return the favor. Its and

    Thank you


  2. Thanks. I'll check out your blogs for sure!

  3. Hi Angie! What a great blog! I like it...and your vegetable garden pics! I stumbled upon it on your page on FB after looking at the pages you were a part of because we had some in common, which I was unaware of. I live in an apartment and don't have much room to grow what you have but have aspirations to! I'm going to a class on beginning organic gardening next week for the first time through the 577. I'll check in again...although I'm not blog or Twitter savy. I don't have any friends who are on the path of a healthy diet, trying to cut out processed foods and going green...(all of my cleaning products are chemical free-yay)so it's refreshing to know someone who supports those things that I am becoming more aware of and continually learning about! Perhaps I'll see you at the reunion!


  4. Glad you stopped by Amy! It sounds like we do have a bit more in common than we realized :) Good luck on the class. Sounds like fun. You can really grow a lot in containers. Do you have any land? I don't have a whole lot, square foot gardening is great if you only have a few feet to work with.

    My friend and I have started teaching classes on cooking, making cleaning products and making personal care products that don't have all the crap in them. Once we get it flushed out a little more, I'll fill you in.

    It's awesome what you're doing, keep up the good work. People will think you're crazy, but just ignore them! I'm not sure I'll be at the reunion, but if not, we should catch up some time.