Monday, August 2, 2010

Menu Monday

Last week didn't go as planned, but I should plan for that any week!

Things I didn't do:

  • make granola bars
  • make burritos for the freezer
  • blanch and freeze carrots
  • eat with friends on Friday - we just ate leftovers instead
  • cook on Sunday - we went out for wings
  • make icecream
  • make buns
  • make dog treats
  • make peanut butter
  • replant the peas - though I did rip out the dying ones
  • work on the berry patches
Things I did differently:
  • made tortellini on Wednesday, not Thursday
  • made chicken Enchiladas on Thursday
  • spent Saturday in the basement of my shed cleaning it out (more on that later!) since it was supposed to didnt.
  • painted the fence on Sunday instead. But it is done, woohoo!!
Things that went right:
  • Monday, Tuesday and Saturday meal plans
  • the fence DID get painted, did I mention that yet?
  • made a very yummy chocolate zucchini bread. I will definitely be making this again, maybe in a muffin form for portability. It's very good with a little cream cheese, which is what contributed to the next item
  • managed to only spend like $7 on groceries (cream cheese for bread, dip for all the carrots, and 2-liter of Diet Dr. Pepper in a moment of weakness!)
  • blanched and froze the broccoli, which is good since that won't last like the carrots will
  • soaked and dried the oats for the bars
  • I won TWO different giveaways on blogland this past week. Which is awesome. I will definitely be writing about them both when I get the goodies!
Anyway, onward and upward. This Week's menu is as follows:
  • Monday - beef stew. It was supposed to be in the crockpot already, but since I didn't get up until almost 7:30 this morning, it didn't happen. I will start it on the stove before volleyball tonight, and then eat when I get home!
  • Tuesday - Breakfast! Sourdough waffles and bacon. I plan on making extra waffles for the freezer. I also hope to get some beef enchiladas made for the freezer. Hubby really like the chicken ones, but thinks beef will be even better. Better than the burritos.
  • Wednesday - Chicken stew in the crockpot. I'm making a large batch, and the leftovers will go to make some pasty-type things for the freezer.
  • Thursday - Chicken nuggets with...probably broccoli since we have a bunch. Maybe some corn-on-the-cob if I get to the farm stand! I will finally have some money in the budget for grocery shopping, so this will happen today. I'm pretty excited! We have a local butcher I have yet to get to and I want to go on my lunch break, then the farm stand, and then the grocery store for a few other light bulbs!
  • Friday - still up in the air again this week. I will plan on grilling out. Burgers and corn. We'll see.
  • Saturday - Busy, busy day of cookouts, etc. Nothing planned.
  • Sunday - pizza! My to-do list for Sunday consists of everything on the not done list above :)

That's my menu for this week. Check out more menu's at The Organizing Junkie.

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