Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Menu Monday (again, on a Tuesday!)

I really was going to post a menu yesterday, but I figured I had already posted enough and I should stretch it out! Visit The Organizing Junkie for more Menu Plans!

This week, as usual this summer, I have volleyball on Monday and Wednesday nights. These are very busy nights. I get home about 5:45-6pm and games start at 6:30pm. I finally got the tires on my bike pumped up, so being able to ride my bike helps. It takes me about 3 minutes to ride there versus almost 10 to walk. But it's definitely not enough time to make dinner, or even eat! I usually just grab a small snack to tide me over. That means I'm make dinner at about 9pm at night. Ugh.

Monday: Chicken and Quinoa "stirfry" with summer squash and peas (recipe to come soon)
Tuesday: Pork chops with patty-pan squash and salads
Wednesday: Beef roast with potatoes (crockpot!) and green beans (canned, just need to warm up!)
Thursday: Chicken stirfry with pak choi, carrots and peas
Friday: BBQ beef with rutabaga and corn (from the freezer)
Saturday: homemade pizzas on the grill
Sunday: leftovers or chili

Looks like a great plan, huh? But last night, I ran into a few hitches. First, I thought dinner last night was delicious. It was awesome, and I will definitely be sharing the recipe I concocted, but it wasn't really picture worthy. However, Hubby wasn't impressed. He ate the chicken and left the veggies, and he didn't eat much at that. He said he was tired of chicken stirfry. The thing is, this wasn't even really a stirfy. I would almost classify it as a goulash! Also in the mix, was that he stopped at Kroger on the way home and picked up a Managers Special deli chicken and a box of White Castle Burgers (ewwww!!). So he may not have even been hungry really. So should I still plan to stirfy on Thursday?

Secondly, Hubby's friend is coming over tomorrow to change the oil in his cars. I invited him for dinner. If he eats dinner, will there be enough roast left for bbq beef on Friday for 6 people? Hmm...I don't know. I may have to get another roast. I'll see of there's one on sale.

So many factors! Oh well. It'll all work out.

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