Friday, September 3, 2010

My High School

My high school was destroyed by an EF4 tornado on June 5 this year. Completely. Destroyed. I spent all 13 years of my school years on this campus.

The high school I went to.
I am asking you today to log in to facebook and vote at the Kohls Cares page to help my alma mater win $500,000 to help them rebuild. The district spent the summer fixing the elementary and middle school (yes, we're that small that they're all in the same place) in time for school to start, and they're just starting to rebuild the high school. 6 people were killed in the tornado and many, many homes destroyed. The all happened the night before graduation. The graduation ceremony was delayed a week and occurred right before the funerals of those that died. The class valedictorian lost his father.

Or township building and police station were also destroyed.
I'm not asking to spend money, I'm not asking you to even be my friend on facebook if you don't want to. I'm just asking you to go here and vote. You can vote 20 times, giving as many as 5 votes to any one school. The top 20 win money. Lake is currently hovering right around 20. We are one of the only public schools on the list. We aren't offering any prizes for voting. Just your thanks.

You can see the middle school in this one. The roof had to be replaced.
My youngest sister is a sophomore there this year. They started classes this fall in a borrowed building. No lockers. Very little room. Food is bussed in from other schools. Other districts have donated busses and computer equipment and books and everything. Very little was salvageable, everything was lost. They're calling the borrowed building "Fake Lake", at least there's some humor about it! The football field, which is just out of shot in the pictures above, had to have the top foot of dirt scraped off because it was full of glass and debris. Their first home game of the season is tonight.

My parents live less than a mile from the school. You can see the destruction from their back porch. I thank God every day that it didn't take a small turn to the South and hit my family, or to the North and hit a small town full of my friends. One of my other sisters drove past the school 3 minutes before it was hit, on the road you can see in the top of the last picture above.

Please everyone, vote, and share this with your network of online friends. Voting ends tonight at 12pm Central Time. We're desperate. Thanks again!

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