Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Adventures with late spring frost

Despite proclaiming the last frost had passed weeks ago, our weatherman warned us of frost for both Sunday night and last night. Nothing heavy, and probably not close to the lake or in densely populated areas, but there was a chance.

So I covered everything. We seam to have weathered it just fine! I didn't see any indications of frost around, but I'm glad I was safe about it!

The garden after taking the tarp off. Safe and sound! In the foreground is lettuce and the left corner has two kinds of beans as well as spinach.

Jacob's cattle beans, loving he warm and sunshine we've had lately.

A few spinach plants popping their heads up.

This past weekend I also direct seeded three kinds of carrots, a melon plant and nasturtiums. I also planted some rogue pumpkin seeds all over our yard. Hopefully one or two will take!

I have also set out most of my seedlings to harden off before I put them in the ground. They are living on our front porch, which is completely screened in. At night I close large bamboo shades to keep out the cold then open them to bring in the sunlight during the day. I'm hoping to plant a bunch this weekend. (I still haven't finished washing all the jars, so the laundry room idea didn't work out :)

This weekend we also saw the demise of our old grill. It was a built-in that was originally hooked up to the natural gas line at the house. When we first moved it, we converted it to charcoal (the gas was way past working properly any more) and I cleaned it up and painted it. Unfortunately, it was rusted pretty badly and there was barely a bottom left to it. So last year we bought a gas grill and haven't been using the old one. Sunday, it fell over. The pole rusted all the way through right at the ground. This was actually good news for me, as I wanted it gone anyway and was contemplating how to cut through the pole! Now I can move forward with my plan for that area. And, Hubby had a wonderful idea of using the top part as a planter. I think it will make a beautiful herb garden! I can set in on the ugly stone and use it, and then at some point make it all look nice. Thanks Babe!

No menu this week. I will be out of town Friday and Saturday and we're helping Hubby's parents move Sunday. The rest of the week will be grilling and left-overs to clean out the refrigerator.

Happy Tuesday.

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