Monday, May 4, 2009

Such a Productive Weekend

That's right everyone, we got the stairway sanded and the first coat on. It took literally all day on Saturday. We got up, had breakfast, and I did some dishes, cleaned the ferrets room (including their carpet) and then by 9am we were outside. We took a quick break for lunch and then were back at it until after 6pm. We had dinner with our friends and we were all so tired I think we were in bed by 11pm!

It needs another coat, which we hope to start on tonight. It isn't supposed to rain tonight or tomorrow and Wednesday is supposed to be clear until the evening, and we're hoping to get the next coat done tonight and tomorrow night. We hope, It could be a couple of late nights!

These are the lettuce seedlings, coming along well! You can see all of the stones in the dirt still, even after all of my hard work at sifting the stupid soil! Oh well.

I also got the potatoes planted this weekend. I'm hoping to bring the broccoli and onions out to harden off the next couple of days and get them outside as well.

Before I can do that, however, I need to clean off the shelf in the laundry room, as that is where they will go overnight. Currently, it is filled with jars.

And so is the windowsill.

These are all the jars I got from my grandma's house. I've been slowly washing everything. There were 113 glass disks and about 83 metal tops for the glass lids. I haven't finished washing and counting the jars themselves yet. There were also quite a few older things that, to me, were really neat!

I'm still hoping to get more pictures of of the flowers. If I don't, please don't hold it against me :)

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