Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Weekend Adventures

It's been a while again, I know. But I come bearing pictures!
The gardens as they currently are.
Bush Beans (Jacob's Cattle)
Millionaire Tomato plants (from seed). I was having issues with the focus last night, sorry! My tomato plants are still tiny, but I have confidence they'll thrive soon!
The spinach is coming along well.
Lettuce Mix. I think this is almost ready for a salad soon!
One of two broccoli plants, doing really well too!
Carrots, finally! I've sprinkled some coffee grounds on top and will mix some in once these plants get just a little bigger.
Itty bitty pepper plant. I don't know if these will make it. I have two.
The garlic is doing well at least! I may even be able to have some this fall.
The onions really haven't done as well outside as they did inside. But, I'm hopeful.
Tomatoes in pots.
Asparagus trees! They're tiny, but they're all alive!
The white potatoes. I need to get some straw for this bed. These are going nuts already!
The Yukon Golds aren't quite in the same place, but I have confidence in them.
One of the rogue pumpkin plants I put in. Almost ALL of them have sprouted. I got these seeds from my mom and she's petty sure they're pie pumpkins, woohoo!!
Marjoram and Oregano I got off freecycle...I'm still not quite sure which is which, but I'll figure it out :) The small pot is a bunch of strawberry plants I didn't get in the ground yet. I'm hoping to find a place for them soon and praying they live!
Here are pots with Strawberry plants that I did get in. They even had a flower this weekend. The petunia's are going nuts and the pots in front are houseplants I re-potted and one waiting for a new spider plant (the ferrets killed the first one).
And the plants that went in last year are bearing fruit. Look how beautiful!
And tasty :) First of the season, it was just delicious!
And I finally got this put together. It's still a little ugly, the ground underneath isn't level so it's a little crooked, but it functions. I just need to get some lattice and a lid. It will be gorgeous :)

Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day.
Thank you to all of those who have volunteered their time and their lives for our freedom.

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