Thursday, April 30, 2009

A view of my backyard. You can see my new garden area on the right. The bed towards the back is where I planted the asparagus and Hubby planted his flower bed (in half). The half towards the fence is where I'll be putting a row of potatoes, hopefully this weekend. The left, well, the left is not our doing. It's what was left by the previous owners. We are doing our best to keep it up, but we're making it our own as well.

And this is where I was when I took the picture. It is an outdoor stairway. We are assuming the house may have had an upstairs apartment at some point. But, the stairway inside is very small, narrow and closed-up. Without this outdoor one, we never would've been able to move any furniture in up there. So, it may just be an addition out of necessity. Neverthless, the stairway is in need of some repair and upkeep. We're hoping to sand it down and re-stain it this weekend. I'm also hoping to be able to reinforce it in places and trim the tree back. The rosebush underneath it also needs some care. It's growing up through the floor of the landing!

A close-up of my veggie beds. I have planted three kinds of beans, lettuce, rosemary, marigolds and spinach this past weekend. More to come! I will be updating after planting and putting up a bit of a diagram of where things will be.

And, here is a glimpse of some of what I got from my grandma's house this weekend. It's one of the large jars (and a granite cup :) I haven't washed any up yet, but I will hopefully get that done this weekend too!

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