Sunday, April 19, 2009

I Am Not My Hair, The Finale

Here's a pic of my hair before (I was dancing at a bar with friends. I'm the one in silver). It's not a good one, I'm actually having a much harder time finding one of my hair down than I thought. But, I think you can tell there was a massive amount of hair. It was past my elbows and very, very thick. Sad thing is, all I ever do is wear a pony tail, a braid, or a messy bun similar to this. Boring.

So yesterday, I went with Sara and Kira and chopped it off to donate to Pantene Beautiful Lengths. I think I cut off about a foot. I haven't measured or gotten pics yet. I will before I send out all three of our sets of pony tails tomorrow.

So now, I have this tiny little pony tail that I need to use a clip to keep up!

Definitely the smallest I can remember. I think it's shorter now that it has been since I was in third or fourth grade. and it's much shorter than I expected as well. I'm still deciding how I feel about it, but most say they like it.

This is the back without the pony tail. This illustrates why I'm not sure I like it yet or not. The curl that's in my hair makes it very unruly now. Much crazier than I'm used to!

Overall, I'm getting used to it. It's okay. It looks much better with my face than I thought it would, as long as it'll stay behind my ears! This is the fourth time I've donated, and the first time I didn't go into it apprehensive. You can read a little more about the past experiences here.

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  1. It is SO cute! I really love the layers & the "messiness" of it. It's fun!