Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The spoils of turning 27

Easter was the final celebration of my birthday, we managed to stretch it out over three weeks! But now it's done and I am officially in my late twenties. Ugh.

I got some very lovely gifts, thank you to everyone who was generous and kind :)

When my family came last weekend, my mom brought me this awesome food scale. Notice the yummy cake in the background, almost completely gone by Sunday :) I also got from her the book Nourishing Traditions. I just started reading it and am very excited! Thanks again mom!

And on Easter, I got gifts from my sisters who couldn't make it over last weekend. A box of wide-mouth canning jars (woohoo!) from the twins and Sara Snow's new book and a bunch of Burt's Bees chapstick from the older one. (For those who are counting, I have four younger sisters). The funnel I got for myself, $0.49 at Kroger this weekend. Thanks girls. I love when I get gifts that I really need and/or want but won't get for myself. These are all awesome. Also, I spoke to my grandma last week and she promised to show me how to darn socks when they come back from Florida. Woohoo!!! Thank you to everyone!


  1. I just turned 38, but I considered 37 my mid 30's still...so I think you qualify for one last year of your mid 20's LOL :)

    Happy Birthday

  2. Nope. LATE 20s. ;) *hugs* Happy Birthday, BFF. hehehe Your mom & I were just discussing that book today while she was over!

  3. Hey I just got that book! I am starting to read it, I like it a lot. Happy Birthday