Sunday, April 19, 2009

Adventures on the most beautiful day of the year

Saturday this past weekend was just gorgeous. It got up to around 75 degrees (F) and was sunny just about all day. I got out there about 8AM and worked until about 7PM (with a few hours out to go to brunch with friends and get my hair cut!)

Most of the time was spent digging up bulbs and separating a bunch out. I gave a lot to my mom and a few friends. I also moved some around on my own property, but I don't have a lot of room for more plants!

The tiger lilies here were taking over and the root/bulb ball was huge and about a foot above ground level due to the mound of sand/rock/dirt that was here before. So I really cleaned this area up.

And moved a couple small plants here to the front.

I also moved these babies from the strawberry patch to the front of the house. If I remember correctly they are tulips. There were about six of them and I was sure they were all dead. Nothing came up last year. So I planted strawberries, but here they are! Hopefully both the strawberries and the flowers will do better now.

I also thinned out these daffodils, though the ones that were replanted arent' looking so good. Hopefully after today's rains they'll perk up.

Hubby and I also worked on cleaning out the pond and took the net off. There was a poor toad out on the middle of the net and I'm pretty sure I freaked him out. He was moved to safety and has been singing to us ever since :) Hubby also mowed for the first time, trimmed and reseeded some bare spots in the front.

I also got five itty, bitty asparagus plants in the ground.

Yesterdays warm and sun paired with today's rain has brought buds and blossoms everywhere!

I didn't even know all of these were here! Last year they did not look this beautiful at all.

And this area is my next project. There is a layer of weed barrier not too far under the surface and I am looking for a nice ground cover for most of the area. And I'll probably move some of the billion Iris bulbs I have over here if the soil is deep enough. Any ground cover suggestions?

I've been very productive today too, but this post is already long, so I'll make it another.

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