Thursday, April 9, 2009

Showing my Green: Laundry Soap

Yesterday I made another batch of laundry soap. The last batch I made was about mid-December (ish) and I finally ran out this week. The recipe I used can be found at The Family Homestead.

Pour water into large pot.

Heat until soap dissolves. Add washing soda and
borax and stir until dissolved then remove from heat.

If you don't remove from heat fast enough, it will start to bubble, a lot.
It can even boil over. I almost lost this one!

My mother had given me two bags of shredded soap, borax and washing soda for Christmas. I used one of those bags to make this. Thanks mom!

I have been using homemade soap since I made my first batch and will never go back. It's cheaper, doesn't leave a heavy residue of fragrance and works great! I usually add rosemary extract to mine before I add the it to the water. I also use vinegar for fabric softener. I just put it in the softener dispenser in my washing machine. I also have dryer balls in the dryer to help with static when I use the dryer. I'm still working on getting a clothes line outside, so for now most of our laundry still goes in the dryer.


  1. I thought I'd try to do the dry mix but hubby ignored the "it's concentrated" hint and used 4 times the quantity - so it's back to the liquid for us. I did figure out if you heat the mixture until all the soap is dissolved, you won't have the lumps. I've been using the vinegar for fabric softner for a year now and I am still so amazed that my clothes don't smell like vinegar!

  2. I thought about doing the dry mix before too, but it never seems to work out right. I really prefer the liquid, even though I hate that I do. When I switched to vinegar, Hubby was really paranoid he was going to smell like pickles, but it really doesn't smell at all once it's dry, it's hard to believe.