Thursday, April 16, 2009

Spring may be here

I'm very much looking forward to this weekend. It's finally supposed to reach the 70's!!

Hubby's getting home late tonight, so I'm going to work in the garden (surprise, surprise). I'm hoping to hit Menards on the way home for some soil amendments to add to the sandy part and get it hoed in. My mom and dad have a small tiller that they said I can borrow, but they're about 40 minutes away, so I think I'm just going to sweat it out. Hoping to get a run in too.

I got my asparagus and potatoes that I ordered from Burgess last week so I have to get them in the ground. My plan is to use the sandy bed for those and maybe some extra carrots. Hubby wants a flower bed, but I don't think that area gets enough sunlight for very many flowers. I also need to work on splitting my bulbs up all over the property. Yeah for good weather!

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