Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Adventures in Guerilla Gardening

Today, another girl at work and I were guerilla rebels. She had ordered 10 free trees from the Arbor Foundation, but decided that her yard wasn't big enough for all of them (as this is the third year she's done this). She brought four into work today.

In honor of Earth Day, we went outside and planted them around a pond we have behind our warehouse. Apparently this used to be a very nice area, but since I've been here, the landscaping has been all-but-neglected, the pond is barely half full and it's just kinda dull and boring.

We're not sure if we would have received a welcome reception had we inquired about our endeavors, so we were sneaky about it. We got them planted though! Two golden rain trees and two crab apples to add to the atmosphere of our area. She says she planted the rain trees in her yard a few years ago and they're pretty big already, so we have that to look forward to.

And, I can make it my goal to not be strapped to this desk and sitting in this cubicle by the time they are as tall as I am. The only time in my life I've been glad I'm not tall!!

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