Monday, January 11, 2010

Menu Monday: I'm Back!!

After basically ignoring my blog over the holidays (though it was with guilt), I am going to try and make a much more enthusiastic effort to keep blogging a part of my routine. My goal is to blog at least three times per week and to do so in a more refined manner than I have in the past.

I usually just get on here, upload some pictures and type away. No editing, no outlining, no research. Just me and my thoughts! For someone trained as a journalist, that means I can usually get away with a pretty coherent message that way, but it also kills me and goes against everything I have been taught!

In an effort to get back into more structured writing, I'm going to try and practice my writing style here. I make no promises, but I will try.

And now for the menu:

Monday - Chicken tacos
Tuesday - Pot roast & salad
Wednesday - Beef Stew with Turnips & green beans
Thursday - BBQ beef sandwiches with butternut squash fries (Hubby will have a sandwich, I will have a salad!)
Friday - Our friends are coming for dinner! Crockpot Greek Chicken from the low-carb slow cooker cook book. If it goes over well, I will post a recipe!
Saturday - leftovers
Sunday - homemade pizza (on low-carb tortilla crusts!)

I have a lot of pics and a lot of thoughts that I will hopefully get caught up on. But for now, just getting back to blogging my menu is a start!

I am also trying to eat from my pantry/freezer this month as much as possible. I am not taking up the challenge though, because eating low-carb doesn't really mesh well with my pantry stock! I'm also struggling because I can't eat all of the corn and jam Kira and I put up this summer. What am I going to do? Anyone want some yummy delicious frozen corn? I'm hoping I can start to incorporate small amounts into soups and stews soon at least.

I hope to take stock of the freezer tonight, but it's so darn cold I may not get to it.
There's nothing like rooting around in a freezer to make you chill to the bone.

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