Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Adventures with Ginger Beer!

Just a quick post today, didn't get any pictures yet, but I am making a lacto-fermented ginger beer (not really alcoholic though). I am following the recipe from a series of YouTube videos from Herb Mentor.

I just started yesterday. When it looks like something other than a jar of water with ginger in it, I'll update. If this works well I will definitely be making other flavors. Maybe this will help me kick my Dr. Pepper habit (though the cravings are dwindling)!

I am on the prowl for a place to buy bottles locally. I'm looking for the EZ cap kind that can be reused. I know IKEA sells some...but they're an hour away!


  1. I don't know exactly where in Ohio you are, but there is a hardware store in Berlin Ohio, that sells all sorts of bottle fore wine making, soda making, beer making along with supplies. It is called Kandels Hardware I think. It is right behind Sols in the basement of the store back there.

  2. Thanks Marci! I'm by Toledo. I picked up a dozen bottles today, but my friend and I are going to Amish Country at the end of the month and we'll have to check it out! Thanks!

  3. YUM! Can't wait to see how it goes! I have also been thinking about making a homemade ginger ale, then a ginger-flavored kobucha . . . and haven't made either yet!


  4. Well crap girl, let me know exactly what you need and I'll grab some on my way down someday! Ikea is in Canton on our way to Toledo, so give me your number and if I find out we're making a last minute trip I can call you. Or you can grab on them on your way to the wedding, because it will be on your way...

  5. Thanks! I got some from a brewers supply store here in Toledo though. I may have to stop on our way up though anyway :) I love that place!