Thursday, August 20, 2009

Garden Update

More night shots everyone. Things are finally happening in the garden! I hope to get some harvest, clearing and re-planting of fall crops this weekend. No signs of blight yet, thank God, but the powdery mildew is still hanging around thanks to all this nighttime rain we've been having.

The pumpkins are growing up and over the fence,
they're definitely still going strong, at least for the most part.

These two little guys are climbing up the fence.
The bottom one is huge, I think I'm going to give him
some support (and when I say huge, I mean in comparison
to the rest). And I'm not sure why the tiny guys is
already turning orange.

My first carrot! I think this was one of the fingerlings,
I forgot to look! I'm so excited to see one full-size!

I harvested all of the white carrots, and most of them were tiny.
I planted 2-3 seeds per hole and apparently each and every
one came up, really crowding some of them in. Oh well.
They taste very strong and almost peppery. I gave all
but the two largest to Kira for her Guinea Pig.

The white carrot harvest compared to the one orange.
I think I'm going to pull up the rest of the
orange this weekend and put them into storage.

I FINALLY have a paste tomato! I didn't even see the blossoms
for these guys, so I was completely surprised last night
when I saw them! Yeah!

Purple Russian 1

Purple Russian 2

Purple Russian 3. All of the Purple Russians seem to be
quite oddly shaped, but they're supposed to be good!
I'm not holding my breath for a huge tomato harvest.
The four in pots haven't flowered at all yet...

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