Monday, August 24, 2009

Garden Update 8.23.09

Did some harvesting this weekend! But before that, I wanted to give an update to my ginger beer making adventures.

Thursday I finally got around to making the Ginger syrup and putting the starter in it. I had about a gallon of ginger beer brewing. I was mixing it about 3 times a day with a wooden spoon. Last night I got home from spending the evening at my Mom's, starting stirring the brew and the glass broke! It made quite a mess all over the kitchen. Luckily I saved about 1/2 of it, but what I saved is definitely a lot less fizzy that the gallon was before. I'll let it sit for a few more days before I bottle it. We'll see.

I'm not sure why it broke, that's what's bothering me. I wasn't stirring too vigorously, and I was using a wooden spoon! Nevertheless, I busted out a hole the size of a silver dollar right near the bottom of the jar. booh.

But on to the harvest!

Yukon golds and some tendersweet carrot thinnings.
The Yukon Gold tops had all died down, so I harvested these.
This was all I got from 8 pieces. A little disappointing really.
We'll be eating them this week :)

Tested a fingerling carrot. Looks pretty cool, just like a finger!
I let it set out too long, so I threw it in my beef stock this weekend.
It was a little wiggly for eating raw :)

I harvested three of the pumpkins that were ready because
one looked a little juicy. It was already rotting from the mildew.
The other two were okay. I just cut them up and froze them.
Didn't have time to do anything else!

Picked some dried beans too, still not much yet but it's adding up!
I'll probably only get enough for one nice pot of soup,
but that's okay. I'm thinking of doing another bean planting
to put under the cover this fall.

Trimmed some rosemary for drying.

And some green basil too
(this is the basil I took from Kira's garden where the animals
had dispersed them where they shouldn't have belonged).

That's it for now. Hopefully more to share soon!

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