Monday, February 8, 2010

Menu Monday

Yeah! I got it up on a Monday again :) I spent a total of about $15 at the grocery this weekend, eggs, rutabagas, cauliflower and pop. That evil beverage my husband and I seem to still be addicted to!

I'm hoping to get a soda machine in March when I get my bonus this year. In the mean time, I want to start water kefir, but I'm still trying to figure out what the final sugar content would be on that. The jury still seems to be out. I think I'm just gonna jump in and try!

Anyway, back to the menu.
Monday - Oven-fried chicken with baked asparagus and mashed rutabagas
Tuesday - Beef/broccoli stirfy
Wednesday - Roasted cauliflower soup
Thursday - Pork chops with roasted asparagus
Friday - Dinner at our place with the neighbors! I'll be putting a pork butt in the crockpot in the morning and we'll be having pulled pork sandwiches with homemade wheat bread (I didn't get a sourdough starter started yet...and I don't think I can get one ready to make bread on Friday!), corn from the freezer, applesauce and probably something else that I can eat...maybe leftover soup
Saturday - We'll be traveling out of town for a birthday, so we'll probably end up eating out as I'm not sure when we'll be getting home. If we are home in time, we'll eat up some leftovers!
Sunday - Homemade pizza.

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Life continues to be crazy and my blogging time is minimal, but I do hope to get a Challenge update put together soon!

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  1. I accidentally rejected your comment Candy, sorry! $15 last week was good, but today I spent over $100, so it all evens out :)

    And Pork butt is actually a shoulder cut. I have no idea why they call it pork butt though :)