Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Menu Monday...really late!

My menu so far this week has been spotty at best, and that is why I'm just posting now. I managed to get off the couch yesterday and actually made it back to work today!

  • Monday - I stayed home and felt miserable, so I made spaghetti. Easy, simple spaghetti. Only three more jars of sauce left...eek!!
  • Tuesday - Hubby was hungry at 4:30 and decided he wanted tomato soup and grilled cheese. Good for him, he made it himself (but left a big mess in the kitchen!) I made some yummy beef and broccoli thing. Lots of garlic and ginger to clear up whatever evil is lurking in my respiratory system. I also used about half of the beef stock I made. The stock is wonderfully delicious, and so rich in gelatin that it gelled at room temp! I've got about a pint left. And it still didn't get very dark...oh well. Better than my first attempts!
  • Wednesday - I still haven't decided whether I'm venturing out to volleyball tonight or not, but either way, I have to make dinner because nothing made it to the crockpot this morning as I usually try to do. I'm think chicken nuggets and a nice big salad are in order for tonight!
  • Thursday - Pork chops with broccoli and cheese sauce
  • Friday - Dinner at our friends' house
  • Saturday - Dinner out for a friend's birthday
  • Sunday - Pizza
I just realized looking back at my calendar that I have had pork chops for the last three Thursdays! Oh well, they're in the freezer and I need to use them!

The entire menu is contingent upon my feeling better. I feel somewhat better now, but I'm not convinced it's going to last. Soup may be in order. There is shredded chicken in freezer, as well as some smoked sausage. Both make a delicious soup :) And I made some low-carb egg noodles. More about that coming up!

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  1. I made soup too...february in ohio.. should be official soup month feel better!!!!