Monday, February 2, 2009

Menu Monday

Last weeks menu wasn't followed all that closely. The pot roast lasted longer than I thought due to two days of me having lunch provided by others :) And I realized we were out of tortellini on Thursday (I swear I saw a bag last weekend in there) so I improvised with some Rotini and cheese on top. Also, our friends made so much on Friday night they invited us back over on Saturday for dinner again to help eat it up! So, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were pretty good, but after that, forget it.

This week, Hubby has a game tonight, practice tomorrow, game Wednesday, and work on Thursday. So we won't be eating together much this week. Hopefully he can stick around for dinner tonight since his game isn't until 8. I'm bribing him with steaks :)

M - Steaks ($1 a piece manager's special!), oven-roasted potatoes and broccoli with cheese sauce (the only way I'll eat it)
T - potato soup
W - Spicy chicken nuggets with some kind of potato, not sure what yet.
Th - pork loin roast with veggies
F - Hubby's (in)famous stuffed chicken breast. Leave it to a man to stuff one meat with another. Since he doesn't work Friday, he volunteered to make dinner for the clan. Probably with mashed potatoes.
Sa - pizza
Su - white chicken chili

Sometime this week I plan on making more pizza dough and trying my hand at noodles. Sunday will probably also see some more sausage soup made for lunches next week and another kind of cookie, or maybe more of the same!

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