Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Saving the Earth

By boss left this little book on my desk yesterday. She wants me to go through it and use some of it's wonderful insights to create a green column in our newsletter, which I am currently working on. Great, I'd love to! But does anyone see what's wrong with this picture?

If you guess hypocrisy, you guessed right! The book entitled "100 Ways to Save the Planet Without Leaving Work" comes in an excessive paper envelope. At least its heavy paper and can be recycled. And it's printed in China. Yea, let's save the planet one backwards step at a time folks! Sometimes the world just makes my head hurt.

On a much happier and lighter note, Craigslist provided me with a wonderful gift yesterday. I purchased 3 boxes of various sized canning jars with lids and a canner for $25. Wonderful. Now I can finally store my beans in something and buy them in bulk! I can also start moving away from all my plastic containers. I will still try to pick a bunch up at garage sales, but this should tide me over for now :)


  1. Isn't it amazing the things you can get at a fair price! I think it's cool you're planting your own garden.

  2. Yes, I was very excited. I was just about to give up and buy some from Amazon, but luckily I found these! Two of the boxes had never even been opened.

    I hope the garden thing goes well. I kill things, a lot of things. My mom and youngest sister can grow anything though, so I'm hoping I can borrow some of their mojo for the spring :)