Sunday, February 22, 2009

More on composting and Freebies

I spent a little more time this morning looking around for info on my new purchase and found a link for it here. Apparently my wonderful $39.99 (or $39.88 or whatever) purchase of the SoilSaver Compost Bin retails for $199.99 on Amazon! Craziness. I'm very excited, and a little part of me wants to go get a second one for ferret poop too. I just hope Kira can get there and get one before they're gone today.

And yesterday, when talking to her about said wonderful purchase, she informed me that we're not supposed to have a compost pile that isn't contained and covered. Oops. We live within the village and we do have some critters roaming around. I know there is a wild cat that lives around here with her kittens as well as a couple raccoons that live in the woods behind my house. We have a couple different kinds of large rodents roaming around as well. (From what I can tell there are moles and a very large woodchuck who has made his home in a giant hole under our garage. We need to get rid of him.) So I guess it makes sense they would require that. I'm just glad no one turned me in before!

On to the freebies.

I subscribe to the daily deals at WiseBread and recently received an email with info on free samples of mineral makeup. I've been looking to convert to mineral makeup for a while now, but just couldn't get myself to shell out the cash. But Everyday Minerals has a wonderful package for people like me. You can get three different foundation colors, a concealer and a blush and all you pay for is shipping. These are sample sizes, and they're kinda small, but will last quite a while and they're free! I also got two eye shadows to try and a brush. The brush is amazing, I love it. The eye colors aren't my favorite though. They're very sparkly and by the end of the day there's a crease on my eye lid. I didn't get anything to tell you about this, so it isn't an advertisement or anything, I just wanted to share. I'm pretty sure I will be buying a full set in the near future though!

Another great thing was the packaging. These samples came stacked and they were wrapped next to the brush in the paper and closed with a sticker. That's it. This was sent in a small padded envelope. The envelope was plastic, but I was still impressed with the packaging. Thank you Everyday Minerals!

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