Monday, February 2, 2009

Working in my home

Another busy weekend, but this time it was productive!

Saturday (after basketball and concession stand working) I went with my friend to Sams Club and the Grocery store. I spent a little more than I had budgeted, but I had planned on doing that (does that make sense?). I knew exactly what I was going to buy and how much it would cost, except for the meat. And I got two huge roasts, some manager's special steaks, a huge package of chicken, 3 lbs of smoked sausage and 2 lbs of breakfast sausage. Quite a bit of meat which should last us the month. After marathon shopping and putting all that meat up in the freezer I was exhausted. Luckily my wonderful friend invited us over for the leftovers from the night before when we ate at their house! We spent the night planning with our seed catalogs. I will be nice to have planned together so we know who's got what. For instance, I know she's doing a bunch of hot peppers, so I won't be planting any! It's really nice to have such good friends so close by. Even though it was cold and snowy, we could still walk.

Sunday was a very good day for me. I made cookies (a very yummy peanut butter oatmeal chocolate chip I will be sharing later), stock and chili. I always feel better about the week ahead when I know I've prepared for it. The bad news is I didn't have much time for cleaning this weekend, so that will have to be broken down during the week.

The cookies before they baked. They don't spread out much, but they are very good. (And don't tell my hubby, but I put some ground flax seed in too!) I feel a little less bad about eating them because I know they have protein and fiber and good stuff. And by using peanut butter in the dough, I could use wheat flour (which he calls poison) without him noticing.

The chicken stock during and after. I had a carcass frozen in the freezer and kept adding veggie ends, etc. to the container until I finally found time to make stock. Next I will be trolling the meat market for beef bones. I also plan on making a good veggie stock in the near future.

No one judge the plastic containers, please. I'm trying to switch to glass...I am. I just haven't found the right ones yet. I love these containers because I can plop a frozen block down into the soup pot and let it melt. If the jar has a narrow opening (like my honey jar in the photo) I can't trust that convenience and have to remember to pull one out ahead of time. The honey jar will be placed in the fridge and used up this week, but the rest are headed to the freezer.

And here is the chili in the works. I didn't get any after shots because it was too darn late at night before I finally got these put into containers tand I totally forgot. But, I did bring some for lunch with a baked potato, maybe I'll share (a photo, not the chili!).

And here is a lovely shot of my makeshift sewing room. I wanted to have one setup in the basement by now, but the wetness in the basement sort of put that on hold. So for now, I get to take over my kitchen one small project at a time. This one didn't turn out as good as I had hoped, but I will share the results later. It does force me to plan and complete things in a timely manner though!


  1. Just FYI, Pyrex makes a good glass container with awesome lids. I am working on replacing all of our plastics with these. I bought them when Z was a baby & they are still holding up really well!

  2. Thanks, I will be on the lookout. Maybe I can get a deal with coupons at BB&B and build slowly :) I'm holding out for garage sale canning jars I think too.