Thursday, January 29, 2009

Gifts from the mailman

I use that title because my little sisters used to think the UPS guy brought them Christmas presents every year.

Yesterday the mailman delivered a very special treat, my Heirloom Seed Catalog! This is from Baker Creek and they do have seeds online as well. I just get so much more from a printed catalog...not the greenest option, but I guarantee this will be loved, used and recycled when I'm done :)

I spent my lunch hour today perusing all of the very interesting things and will be sharing it with my mother this weekend. I hope to have the garden planned out by next weekend. I will share when I'm done.

And while I was taking that picture with Photobooth, I went looking back at some old photos from there, and it really made me miss summer. I look so tan and thin and happy here!

As much as my potato soup tasted good today for lunch, I miss fresh fruits and veggies and walking outside and warm weather. This morning on the news, the guys said we got a total of 10.8 inches of snow from this last storm. From 6pm Tuesday to 3pm Wednesday. Add that to the rest, and we're pretty close to the record, set during the BLIZZARD of '78. Ugh.

At least I have my seed catalog now to warm my heart a little.

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