Thursday, January 15, 2009

Why I hate Sallie Mae

This is a message I just sent to Sallie Mae customer service. I owe them over $40,000 and will be paying them over $300 a month for the next 18 years, just in time for the children I don't have yet to start thinking about college. I can't even talk more about it right now, but this explains a lot I think.

I just received ANOTHER phone call from the automated person who likes to put you on hold and you get to wait for a person. I waited for 5 minutes and then got hung up on. I called back and spoke to the RUDEST person I have ever encountered in a customer service situation. I have been harassed by phone calls and so has my husband. Why has all this happened?

They payments I schedule online less than a month ago didn't go through. So I was late. As soon as I realized this I went online to make the payments again, which I did and they cleared the bank. After speaking to very rude people from collections and one nicer person, I was assured that my account would be noted as paid and we wouldn't receive any additional calls.

We we have been, non-stop. Apparently I still owed 5.37 somehow, even though I made the same payment I usually make, the same payment I tried to make on 12/19, before anything was due and would've been more than what I owed. Less than six dollars you say I owed, and I'm still being harassed. Yesterday I went online again, made a $6.00 payment. Today I AM STILL GETTING RUDE PHONE CALLS!!

This is ridiculous. You are treating a good customer terribly. I made every attempt to make my payment on time and every attempt to rectify the situation and I'm still getting harassed by the rudest people employed in customer service. I can't do anything about the late fees you assessed, even though I did attempt to make my payments on time. You calling me a liar and being rude. What happened to the customer being right? I'm not even 30 days late and you've been rude to me, harassed myself and my husband, interrupted my work day, hung up on me and made me cry twice.

Consequently, I will tell everyone I know my story and will be doing everything within my power to transfer the money I owe you somewhere else. I will be contacting the local news organizations as well with this story to warn others that you will do everything to make a person's experience AFTER THEY OWE YOU MONEY the worst it can be.

You can consider me a very dissatisfied customer.

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