Monday, January 19, 2009

Menu Monday

It was a CRAZY busy weekend for us, and I'm almost glad to be back at work! Saturday morning hubby had three basketball games (he coaches 3rd & 4th grade, middle school and high school teams) and we were responsible for the concession stand for a couple hours. So my morning was spent manning the concession stand (which really was a sad experience, seeing all those kids eat all that crap) and keeping the book for the games. I was hoping to get some pictures to post, but didn't get a chance to.

Then I made a quick Sams run (only $20 spent!!) and had to get a baby shower gift. Baby shower was at 6pm in Van Wert, OH. By the time I got home it was 3pm. Thankfully I had soup in the fridge to warm up, jumped in the shower quickly and we were off. We picked up friends in Bryan and were only a little late partially due to a school bus accident! We ended up staying on Bryan that night, the roads were a little trickey out that way. And by the time we got home Sunday, hubby had to turn around and leave to go to the diaper party! And again, no pictures :(

I spent the day at my parents, letting one of my little sisters use my "toys" (aka computer and wacom tablet) and just visiting. I was finally able to make it home by about 7pm, and did get a chance to make the chili. And here's where I get to the menu finally!

I made a crockpot full of chili for lunches this week as a part of my plan to get hubby off canned and frozen food for lunches, hopefully it will last the week! I've brought some today for my lunch, accompanied by a baked potato, yum. I think I'll try a white chicken chili next week, but haven't found a good recipe yet...Today I'd like to get bread dough and pizza dough started and in the freezer. I may even make up another batch of the sausage and potato soup I made last week that hubby loved so much!

As for dinner:
  • M - chicken scallopini
  • T - Chicken parmasean (skillet style)
  • W - hubby's breakfast scramble
  • R - tortellini with sauce (hubby's working, this is my go-to meal when I'm home alone)
  • F - pot roast with homemade bread
  • Sa - potato soup
  • Su - pizza


  1. Your menu looks yummy! I have certain meals that I fix when hubby is gone, like pancakes. I love pancakes!!!

  2. Thanks! I'm trying to bring in different things, but it's hard to stray from what I know.