Saturday, January 10, 2009

Scouting for Land

I'm planning on using the New Square Foot Garden method of gardening, because I have very little open space and because I know or dirt isn't all that great. I'm guessing most of it is nasty backfill (our backyard is mostly made of of a filled in pool).

So, in looking for space, I have just about two options.

This is my first choice. A lovely bit of wasted space between our house and the alley that is our driveway. This area is all held up by a retaining wall along the alley and is currently covered in what was I'm sure, very expensive, river rock. I'm hoping with a little reorganization, this will make a perfect space for about two 4'x4' plots for me to start with. We're hoping to relocate most of the stone and put something else down that's a little more comfortable on the feet and knees, or at least I am.

I think my hubby's a little excited about this because he gets to rip out some overgrown shrubs we have and move the rock over there. I think he's wanted to do that since we bought the house a few years ago.

This area is another option. I personally think our yard is a bit over-landscaped. I don't necessarily want to rip anything out, but all the beds along the fences and the house are, once again, filled with rock and very few plants. So I can build 2'x4' beds in these spaces okay I think. That might wait until at least next season though. I don't want to jump in too far and over do it.

But for now, all I can do is dream. We're supposed to get about 8" of snow this weekend, so I get a lovely reminder that I can't do anything outside yet. Next is diagramming and seed planning. Woohoo!

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