Thursday, January 29, 2009

Showing my green: mail

Yesterday, I got three pieces of mail. A letter from Chase welcoming us to their family (they bought WAMU, one of our credit cards, and increased the APR while doing it. whoopee!), a free sample of SoyJoy I requested online and an Heirloom Seed Catalog I requested. The day before we got a rebate, a thank you card and a bill. I can't remember the last time I got junk mail or an unsolicited catalog or magazine. The only credit card offers we get are ones from the companies we already have cards with (though those have almost stopped now) and if I do get something I don't want, I know it won't come back again. There are many days we don't get any mail at all.

How did I acheive this miracle? I belong to GreenDimes and I love it. They did all of this for me, and they planted 5 trees on my behalf! All for $10.

I've belonged to Green Dimes for a couple of years now and their prices have gone up, it now costs $20/year to reap the benefits of their services. But for this frugal tree-hugger, it is definitely money well spent.

Here are the benefits as they list them:
  • Effective control of junk mail
    GreenDimes reduces junk mail, within the first 90 days — guaranteed.
  • The most comprehensive solution
    GreenDimes has access to the industry's largest number of lists and catalogs — 6,500 and growing.
  • Complete control over catalog delivery
    With GreenDimes you choose which catalogs get delivered to your mailbox
  • A key step to avoid identity theft
    GreenDimes keeps unsolicited personalized mail out of your mailbox
  • A commitment to keep your information private
    Unlike some companies, GreenDimes only uses your personal information to remove you from mailing lists
  • An opportunity to help the environment
    GreenDimes plants 5 trees on behalf of each member
And I completely agree with everything here, and more. I don't have to deal with the junk mail piling up on my desk, my coffee table, the kitchen table or in the recycling bin. And I don't get the junk mail that can't be recycled, like the CDs or unkown plastic crap or Tyvek envelopes. None of it. Only what I want.

This isn't an ad or a paid review. I've received nothing for telling you this. I just want to share with you what I've done to simplify my life, move towards less waste and I believe save myself money in the long run. (How many times have you fallen for the advertising and spent money you otherwise wouldn't have?)

There are many other options out there that will help you achieve the same goal. Here are a few I've found:
Do yourself a favor to simplify your life and check some of these out. Anyone else have ideas to keep unwanted junk from entering your house?


  1. Hi there, I also wanted to mention that ProQuo is another great service for stopping all your unwanted mail and catalogs.

  2. Thanks for the info and for stopping by!