Monday, January 26, 2009

Menu Monday

These next few weeks will be a bit of a challenge for us. Hubby isn't going to be home much at night as he is coaching 3 intramural basketball teams at a nearby school and has games/practice most nights. For example, this week he as a game tonight at 8, practice tomorrow until 9, a game on Friday at 7, two 8 am games and an 11:45 AM game Saturday as well as both of us working concessions 9-11 AM Saturday. He works late until 8 on Thursday, which leaves only Wednesday for us to actually be home together for dinner.

Regardless, here's my menu:
M - Crockpot Pot Roast
T - oven friend chicken with roasted asparagus and mashed potatoes
W - tacos
Th - tortellini
F - dinner with our friends at their place
Sa - pork chops with roasted veggies
Su - chicken parm (if we're home)

This weekend I made three loaves of bread and some pizza dough. Pizza Sunday night was a success, so I'm looking forward to the dough in the freezer and will be making more. I have some leftover chili from last week for lunch with a baked potato today. Yesterday I made a pot of Smoked Sausage Soup for lunches this week, and I have some White Chicken Chili from this weekend as well. (Recipe will come soon) I'm also going to be trying an Asian Chicken Salad recipe I found for lunch this week I think. We'll also be utilizing Pot Roast leftovers and the roast I currently have cooking at home is huge!

The head of cabbage I bought for the Asian chicken salad will not get used up, and cabbage is a new ingredient for me. Any recipes for something good to make with cabbage? We do not eat kraut, and anything with sausage and onions with the cabbage is out. I'm more of a raw cabbage kind of person I think...but I'm open to suggestions...kinda. Thanks!

Happy Monday!


  1. Awesome menu! Lots of good winter comfort foods. Welcome to Menu Plan Monday!

  2. This has your name all over it:

  3. Also, in the summer we buy a head of cabbage, cut it into wedges, slap a little butter or EVOO on it, give it salt & pepper, wrap it in foil & grill it up! Not bad.

  4. Welcome to MPM--your menu looks delicious!

  5. Welcome to MPM!! Your dishes sound delish and comforting!! THe white chicken chili sounds scrumptious!

  6. Thanks everyone!

    Sara, I will most definitely be trying the bacon and cheese cabbage. If I can get Joe to eat's definitely a win!