Wednesday, January 7, 2009

So...I suck

Since I haven't done this blog thing at all, I'm taking a new direction with it. I want to garden, for many reasons, and think I have finally discovered how I might get that done on my tiny, over-landscaped little plot of land. I will attempt to chronicle that journey here. Let's hope it works. For a journalism major, you'd think I'd find writing a little easier. Unfortunately my over-scheduling gene takes precedent in my life.

To make this work, I've taken on this challenge.

I've made a few resolutions stemming from this idea:
  1. Anyone who knows me knows that I'm a bit of a picky eater. So I have vowed to try and expand my food varieties. I have already successfully incorporated asparagus and broccoli (covered in cheese or sauce) into my diet and, as of this week, have consumed green beans, barley, red beans and lentils without my body completely rejecting them...good start I think. I'm hoping that if I grow my own veggies, I'll feel too guilty to not eat them!
  2. I also want to expand on my limited knowledge of preserving food. Having my own food to preserve will make it easier.
  3. With a garden comes an assortment of lovely things, including compost. I want to successfully expand on my poor little compost pile. I don't tend mine at all, and it shows. So this year I want to maintain my compost pile and use it successfully to grow food!
  4. Another by-product of gardening is a lower food bill. My resolution for this is along the lines of lowering bills, paying down debt and saving more. Our finances aren't exactly in the greatest shape right now, as are most of the country I'm sure, and I hope this will help.
  5. Take more pictures to share! I have a very good point and shoot camera that takes wonderful pictures, especially outside, so now I'd like to share my visual world a little more with everyone. Here's a sneak peak of our's just gorgeous I think! I've also got some lovely flowers and unintentional mushrooms. So a good start I think!

So there it is. We'll see how this goes :)


  1. Hmmm...I do. Well I think they're on my facebook too. Ones of the backyard from this summer. Sorry! I'll check when I get home too.