Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Adventures in Demolition

Sunday I finally finished ripping out whatever that ivy-covered lattice covered structure was sitting in our yard. I did most of it myself and it was a very good experience. It felt empowering to be outside again and doing something constructive (or destructive as the case may be). I did need to ask Hubby for help though. The posts were buried about 4.5 feet in the ground, 4 4x4's and 2 2x4's which all ended up being 12 feet long. The physics of me pulling them out of the ground just wasn't on my side. I got all but two of the 2x4's, and I'm still a little sore. But God did it feel good!

With the structure gone, now we have an open area covered in ivy. Most of the exposed ivy is leafless as it used to be covered by structure, other ivy that we've already ripped out or the bushes that were there. So we've decided to rip most of it out as well. We'll leave the stuff up that's growing over the wall, but I think most of the ground cover is coming up. I'm sure it will come back again in no time :)

Also, Hubby and I discussed things and I think this is going to be the site for my garden plots this spring. This area gets more sunshine and the ground under the ivy is pretty nice. There are a few rocks and stones, but nothing compared to the rock garden which was my first pick. The only thing I'm worried about now is the critters, the other area was a lot more sheltered than this, which is WIDE OPEN. I also don't want car exhaust blown directly onto the gardens. People usually don't park in the three end spots, only visitors, and most visitors pull in, so I guess it's okay. I'll make it work. Hubby's on board with it so it will be much easier and if it doesn't go well, I'll move them next year!

After disassembling the structure, I now have a lovely pile of wood. Good sturdy wood! With this I am going to build a shelter for our garbage can and recycle bins. No more raining on my cardboard and no more dripping recycle bin juice on my leg in the morning! Woohoo! I'm not sure about the rest of it, but I'm sure we'll find something good for it. I don't really want to use it for the garden because I'm pretty sure it was treated wood...we'll see.

If all goes well and the rain stops be the time I get home tonight, I hope to be ripping out more ivy this even to prepare the area for gardening. Yeah!

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