Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sunday update

I ventured outside this morning after cleaning in the kitchen and what-not and much to my surprise, it was lovely outside! So I did a little digging in the dirt and it was just glorious! Don't get me wrong, it's still cold, but the sun is shining and it feels downright warm when it does. Plus most of the area I was working in today is well sheltered from the wind. But, to this gal with Cabin Fever, I don't think it takes a lot to feel good outside right now. By the time I headed back in, I was wishing I had put another layer on (I went without a coat!!)

I transferred the top of my compost pile into the bin, which is now almost full. While doing this, I discovered the most wonderful compost at the bottom of the pile. It's about two feet deep and the circumference is about that of a large tractor tire. I'm so excited! It was a frozen solid block, but I chipped away at it a little and found the good stuff. As soon as it thaws I can start using it.

I also got most of the soil ingredients I bought yesterday transferred into their bins. The company where I work sells, among other things, garbage cans. And for nearly cost, I have purchased a few 10 gallon cans with lids. Into these I have put peat moss, top soil/potting soil, and the mushroom compost I purchased yesterday. Most of this was still frozen solid too and wasn't the easiest to work with, but I'm pretty sure it will start to thaw in the shed. When the thaw happens finally, I will add my wonderful compost to the mushroom I purchased and create a mixed compost bucket. I'm also still on the lookout for the elusive course vermiculite prescribed in the Square Foot Gardening books.

Now I'm off to shower and set up the seed starting station in the basement!

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