Thursday, March 26, 2009

Quick shopping trip

Today I went to the dentist. I don't mind the dentist at all, so it wasn't a big deal, except that I completely forgot to pack my lunch. (And there is now a small cut in my mouth, the kind that really annoys you, and it's right where my tongue rubs the roof of my mouth, grr...) This resulted in me having to go out and get lunch.

I decided to stop at Tractor Supply Company on my way. Though they didn't have vermiculite (I still can't find it!), I was able to get some wire cloth to make a soil sifter this evening. I have a lot of great compost ready to go and a bunch of soil from under the ivy that was growing on the pavement, but both need to be sifted out before use. I also plan on making a few more stops before heading home tonight to get a wheelbarrow, look for vermiculite and pick up a few things for inside the house.

Last night I did get outside to work, but didn't get a lot done, so hopefully I can do more tonight too. I don't know why, but for some reason I'm struggling with ripping out the ivy. Not that it's hard to do, it's actually much easier than I anticipated, but I find myself not wanting to do it. So I'm careful to leave some. I don't want it gone entirely, just mostly. This makes what could be a fairly quick job with the electric trimmers, very tedious and time consuming. Oh well. I can't plant anything outside yet anyway, so I guess I have a little time.

I'll try and get pictures of my progress tonight, as well as some seedling updates! I got my sweet peppers and some basil in this weekend and everything else has sprouts by now. So exciting!

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