Sunday, March 1, 2009

Gathering supplies

This weekend I've done a little gathering for my upcoming garden. I went and bought peat moss, some potting soil, top soil and a bag of mushroom compost. I also put an order in (with my mom) for a garbage can full of muck from the chicken coop and the pig pen :) Hopefully I will get the gumption up to go out and move the compost pile into my new bin. It'll be hard, however, since today's high is about 20 with single digit windchills (that's Fahrenheit folks). It's a little cold for working in the garden still! I also got some weed barrier for the bottom of my boxes and almost got wood, but I decided to wait.

I also got some stuff to start my seeds! I've decided to wait a little bit to start. I have a feeling (which has been substantiated by a few other people) that we'll have a late frost this year. Since I haven't gotten everything set up yet, I'm not going to push it.

Updates to come!

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