Monday, March 2, 2009

Menu Monday, and then some!

Just a warning, this might be a long post :) And, I know I'm late. It's been quite a long day. This morning a broke a glass while doing dishes, and it's gone downhill from there.

But, enough boring stuff. On with the menu:

Monday - Beef and noodles with broccoli and carrots (my own creation, recipe tomorrow)
Tuesday - Smoked Sausage Soup
Wednesday - Chicken Stew (still using chicken out of the freezer from my crock pot chicken!)
Thursday - Red Lentil Curry (Hubby won't be home for dinner, so I'm experimenting with this myself first)
Friday - Dinner at Nathan and Kira's
Saturday - White Chicken Chili? (I never know what the day may bring, so I may just throw this in the crockpot in the morning and if we eat it, we do, if we don't, it'll be for lunch).
Sunday - BBQ chicken pizza

If you want to see more of Menu Monday, look here for hundreds more!

This weekend 's little romp outside really made me want to start growing stuff! Unfortunately it is still VERY cold here and, although we missed the big snow today, I'm not sure there won't be more for us before it's over. Hopefully I'll get some seeds started in the basement under lights this week.

This big red guy prompted a little walk around the property yesterday. I tried to get a good picture of him and his two friends (another cardinal and a blue jay) through the window, but there's something that has been sprayed on it that messed with a coating, I don't know what, but it won't come off and it's screwed up the view out my kitchen window. So Kira and took a walk outside. I think we scared the birds away quickly, but I managed to almost get a picture of him!

And, not only are my strawberry leaves green, but I've got bulbs coming up! These were bulbs I thought were dead and gone. We have animals that like to eat bulbs around here, and nothing came back last year, and I didn't think these would either. I didn't mind planting strawberries around this light post because of that. Now I'll have to transplant these guys! We also saw some crocus sprouting and a few other small things. Hopefully the cold again today won't do any damage to them.

And just to end this wonderful day of mine, I got home to find this. I managed to get to the grocery during lunch today and pick up what we needed, which included some yogurt for me and for Hubby's morning smoothies. I got home and was putting the groceries away when I just happened to notice this. The date on the yogurt says Mar 05 07. TWO YEARS ago this yogurt expired. Now, I'm hoping this was just a stamping issue, but I'm not taking my chances. And though I'm not one to try and spread things, I think others need to watch for this in my area. So, I will tell you I purchased this at the Kroger on King and Sylvania and it is Stonyfield whole milk plain yogurt. Please just look for me. Thanks.

Here's to a better day tomorrow.


  1. Call the company, Ang. You can give them more info off the container & they'll tell you if it really is 07 or not...probably with some coupons. :D

  2. EWWWWWWWW yea since i baught that milk from SAMS Club ive been checking the dates on everything anymore.... But heck i HOPE thats a misprint date wise... I wondered around my yard today! And ill be posting pics of my lil nubbies i found looks like my tulips r comin up! And just MAYBE my asparagus MAY be alive! fingers crossed!!